SCOME CIMSA is a standing committee that specializes in improving the quality of education in Indonesia in accordance with its mission as the main forum in the field of medical education by providing equal quality that can increase contributions in developing its activities for the development of medical education in Indonesia. SCOME CIMSA works based on four areas of work namely, reforming the medical education system, increasing student participation in the development of medical education, strengthening support networks, and increasing educational and training opportunities for students who are trying to improve the quality of their human resources.

SCOME CIMSA FK UIN SH has held a one day project called the Book Fair on Monday 9 September 2019. This project is in line with SCOME CIMSA’s goal of improving the quality of medical students, where the Book Fair aims to introduce books that will later be used by student while studying at the Faculty of Medicine. Book Fair is specifically for new pre-clinic first-level medical students because usually new students are still experiencing confusion or may also still not know what books will be used in learning during the pre-clinical period. With this Book Fair, we hope that all new students know what books are appropriate for their type of learning because the level of understanding of text books varies, there may be students who are more familiar with books that explain more using pictures or schemes, but there are also who understand better with only the writings. At this Book Fair we collaborated with the Student Council (DEMA) Study and Professional Study (Kasprof). Before the Book Fair began, Kasprof gave academic training to new students on learning books at the Faculty of Medicine, SOCA exams, OSCE exams, group discussions and academic activities that would take place during the pre-clinical period. After the academic training is finished, the Book Fair committee gives direction to new students to go to the book stand according to the field in medicine and how the mechanism of changing the book stand and the length of time in one stand.

In this project, medical students level 2 and 3 are very contributing because they are happy to provide all knowledge about what are the weaknesses and strengths of each book. The books described by them included physiology, biochemistry, embryology, histology, anatomy and others. Book Fair lasts for 2 hours and during the project the new students are free to ask the tutors so that when the project is finished the new student knows what books he will use later in accordance with their respective learning types. Before and after the Book Fair, we provide assessments for new students. The results of the initial assessment found that there are still many new students who do not know what medical books are needed as a reference or source of reading in the pre-clinical period and after the event is finished we give the assessment back to the committee and new students about the sustainability of the event. The results of the assessment showed that new students experienced an increase in knowledge of medical books to 92.3% overall and nearly 67.1% of new students knew that what was needed for reference reading sources, and new students showed that they agreed that the Book Fair was run for next year.