BRAINSTEM has been held since 2014 in FK Unimal specifically for students. An activity that has become routine every month by SCOME CIMSA Unimal to help the students learning process in a compact. With a teamwork system, each child can create one or several studying groups, and help other friends understand the lesson. BRAINSTEM also has a fairly good success rate between each local activity. Because the target of its own activities for medical faculty students.

Activities like this are certainly very necessary for students who have busy schedules and high learning burdens. They need other people besides the lecturers in the class to easily capture all the knowledge they learn at that time. Especially in a state of a few days approaching the exam. Not infrequently some students only choose their closest friends to study, while many other children have a deeper understanding of the material they want to master. In this case, SCOME CIMSA Unimal took the initiative to hold a BRAINSTEM to gather children and teach each other, share knowledge, and help their friends related to the learning process on campus. With the hope that every student can go through the stages of learning without difficulty.

BRAISTEM was initially carried out as a result of us, SCOME CIMSA Unimal members, felt the student block test scores were not good and felt this happened to many CIMSA children because of their busy work at CIMSA. For this reason, to help CIMSA Unimal members, we also formed BRAINSTEM, so that they would not only study with close friends as they approached the block exam. They can also discuss with fellow CIMSA members who may understand more about a material. In addition, we also give presenters to each group, whose function is to guide each group, by teaching them a material or guiding them in discussing the material.

BRAINSTEM presenters are usually members of CIMSA, especially SCOME members, who are the older siblings of a group, or can also be fellow classmates who have a better understanding and understanding of a material. This BRAINSTEM was further developed to be for all FK Unimal students, given their enthusiasm in learning and so that the scores of the block exams could improve equally. Finally, BRAINSTEM became a permanent activity participated by FK Unimal students, BRAINSTEM was held for two hours in the gazebo or the yard around the campus, usually BRAINSTEM was held from 15.00 WIB, which was the schedule after the lecture. This time was chosen so as not to disturb the schedule of FK Unimal students from morning to noon, and so that the right time is obtained where all FK Unimal students can attend BRAINSTEM. It is expected that with this BRAINSTEM the score of the block exam and the knowledge of FK UNIMAL students can increase and are constantly improving.