Consultation About Academic System and Book Fair (CORONER) is a project held by SCOME CIMSA UNAIR which involves SCOME’S realm of work number 1 and 4 that is improving medical curriculum knowledge. This year’s CORONER raised a theme “Knowing More about Medical Student Life with SCOME CIMSA UNAIR” and would be held on 19th—20th of August and 23rd of September 2019 in Ruang Kuliah Histologi of Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Airlangga. 

            Freshmen of Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Airlangga Year 2019, who have just entered college world, haven’t understood yet of what kind of academic system that they will face as a student of the faculty of medicine. Besides, Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Airlangga itself is still lack of facilities to provide freshmen to gain information related to the academic system they’ll be using. This thing becomes one obstacle for freshmen to adapt immediately in becoming a college student of faculty of medicine as they haven’t known yet about their own academic system.  One more thing is, the lack of information related to medical textbook as one of their sources for learning, such as what to buy, where to buy, etc. Therefore, CORONER provides a sharing and consultation session related to academic system in Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Airlangga, and also hold a medical book fair in order to help freshmen in facing these obstacles.

            As for the purpose of this event itself is for freshmen of FK UNAIR to improve their knowledge of the academic system and curriculum used during lectures and help them to fulfill their lecture needs or learning media, such as providing recommendation on which medical textbooks that can be used during lectures.

            There are series of event in this project. One of which was held on 19th—20th of August 2019, is Book Fair collaborating with Toko Buku Petra Togamas located at rear corridor behind Ruang Kuliah Anatomi of FK UNAIR. On 23rd of September 2019 another Book Fair was held in front of Ruang Kuliah Anatomi, and also was Mini Talk-Show in Ruang Kuliah Histologi. And at the same time, Sharing Session by members of SCOME CIMSA UNAIR for freshmen of year 2019 with wall magazines as the media, was held next to Book Fair. Some freshmen as audiences looked enthusiastic as they got some useful explanation related to the academic system of the 1st and 2nd term during the Sharing Session with wall magazines. And became more enthusiastic during Mini Talk-Show as SCOME CIMSA UNAIR invited two outstanding students of FK UNAIR. The talk show also provides a mini training on how to calculate blood pressure.

            Despite the project went well, there were also some evaluations that have been noted. The first and second day of Book Fair was not that successful in attracting people because of its lack of information and marketing the public, especially freshman of FK UNAIR. Fortunately on the third day, the Book Fair could attract a sufficient amount of not only freshmen but also sophomore of FK UNAIR. Some of them also had a consultation related to academic system and college life. The Mini Talk-Show also went pretty well as it was attended by 14 freshmen, although this had not reached the target number of freshmen attendance because there were other events held by other organizations at the same time. Again fortunately, most of the attendance were very enthusiastic with the event.