Submission of certificate to dr. Rr. Pasati Lintangella as speaker in HEARD

In order to celebrate the national health collaboration day on October 12th, SCOME CIMSA UI held an online talk show related to health collaboration in COVID-19 pandemic. All of the speakers were from healthcare workers (a doctor, a dentist, and a nurse).  All of the three speakers agreed that health collaboration was really important to create patient-centered care. This principle has to be embedded in every healthcare workers’ mind to give all patients high quality care.

One of the goals through the health collaboration strategy during COVID-19 pandemic is to shorten the patients’ treatment duration, especially the number of patients in the hospital always increased. Apart from that,  health collaboration will  support healthcare workers’ performances during COVID-19 pandemic through the positive interactions and to create a better or safe environment for their body immune responses.

From the curative perspective, health collaboration in healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic is done by online clinical meetings to discuss patients’ cases and treatment options. The obstacles that might be faced by this is the decreasing number of healthcare workers. This phenomenon will lead to the overcompetence occurrences in one of the healthcare workers. Beside the curative aspect, health collaboration is also done through the promotive and preventive means, for example by educating patients about COVID-19 and to clarify their misunderstanding about the pandemic.

The satisfaction questionnaire which was filled by 531 respondents showed that most of the respondents thought the event was really important and beneficial. They had their knowledge increased related to health collaboration and the importance of health collaboration through all the interesting and thoughtful experiences shared by the speakers. This questionnaire also showed that all healthcare students and workers will apply good health collaboration in the future. This event’s overall score was also really impressive, which was at 8.95/10.

There is a slight difference in health collaboration before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, self-adjustment and adaptation in every healthcare worker is really a must. Healthcare workers should be role models and the agents of change for the society and people around them. Beside that, the healthcare workers should be professional in their fields in order to fulfill the patient’s needs and other patients matters. The society, especially the patients’ family could also contribute to the effectiveness of health collaboration by becoming the patients’ support systems and also beware of the news or other information spread in the society.