Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is a type of medical exam that tests the clinical competence of medical students in an objective and structured manner in the form of stations with a certain time. It is the one and only exam that requires an A in order to pass, and with that requirement, no wonder OSCE becomes one of the most nerve-wracking exams for medical students.

In this situation, all medical students must study from home because of the pandemic of COVID-19. Until this point, in Indonesia, positive cases are increasing day by day and we don’t even know when do we go back to university and study effectively. In the other hand, this pandemic has not interfered with our skill’s lab activity. We’re still studying this skill’s lab activity that would be tested in the OSCE. For now, there has been no notification regarding the OSCE. even though there is no notification yet, we still have to learn right?

SCOME CIMSA FK Unpad held an OSCE training session for MR.OS 5.0 participants to prepare them for the OSCE. This event separated into 2 main event. Firstly, there are upgrading for 16 volunteers from Universitas Padjajaran medical students 2019 who will be a trainer for participants later. In collaboration with AORTA, who teaches volunteers for each section. This first event held on Monday, November 30th 2020. The second event attended by almost 100 participants from Universitas Padjajaran medical students 2019 who are excited to learn and 16 trainers that have been trained in the first event, held on Wednesday, December 2nd 2020. The training session was split into 16 breakout rooms with eight OSCE topics being teached, and in each room, there are one volunteer and three until five MR.OS participants. Each room will be visited by 8 trainer. Participants receive 8 different station and given 30 minutes in every station to review and demonstrate their skills regarding the topic Before the event started, participats did a pre-test about some questions regarding topic of OSCE that would be deliver. At the end of the event, we also did a post-test to measure that participats got an upgrade from their knowledge.

With this OSCE training session of MR.OS 5.0, we hope that the participants gain more knowledge about the eight OSCE topics taught by the volunteers and that they are able to do the OSCE correctly