Knowledge and information are very important especially in this era. And on top of that, health has been significantly more crucial for humans as there are more health issues rising alongside industrial and technological improvements. To add the challenge, the increase in knowledge and information exchange brings the so-called “hoax” or false information along with it. Therefore SCOME CIMSA FK Unpad is making an effort to provide a platform that could deliver the best information that is accessible for everyone through Scomedical.

Scomedical is a program created by SCOME CIMSA FK Unpad for the purpose of education and campaign via social media. We are determined to share the latest information or knowledge and cancelled false information polluting the social media. Scomedical runs on Instagram by posting stuff regarding medical topics and health issues. Scomedical’s first post was in march 2016 and has been active since then until 2020. With around 560 posts, scomedical have posted a lot of topics that are beneficial to both medical students and non-medical people across instagram.

Scomedical posts consist of infographics, posters, quizzes, and podcasts. The contents’ theme changes periodically, be it monthly, weekly, or twice in a month. This year, scomedical changes themes every 2 months. With the main topic of “Infectious Disease Pandemic”. Last month we were sharing interesting information regarding the pandemic of COVID-19, and we will be sharing about the pandemic of Cholera and Influenza for the next few months.

The posters for the  topic “COVID-19 pandemic” contain information starting from the viral transmission, myth or facts, to the health warriors’ role. In the infographic, we share the latest update on COVID-19 pandemic situation in Indonesia. We also have podcasts where we disscussed about Herd Immunity and New Normal with a CIMSA alumnus, dr. Indah. As for the quizzes, we challenge our followers and the public to test their knowledge about the pandemic. Also, we have some fun games for everyone to fill their time with some excitement during quarantine.

We hope Scomedical will continue to get better and able to fulfill its role to share the latest and trustworthy knowledge as well as information to people around instagram. We encourage you to witness and accompany our journey by visiting and following our instagram account @scomedical.