As a new student, the transition from a high school student to a college student is not an easy thing. One of the reasons is that the university learning system differs from earlier levels, where many platforms and activities, such as non-academic activities like organizations, can be manifested to build capacity and self-development. With so many options, it can be challenging for new students to adjust and determine their priorities while maintaining their academic duties. The new learning media, which is only employed in the medical faculty, is one of the major obstacles found in academic activities. Therefore many new students are unfamiliar and do not understand how to access the learning media.

Therefore, this year SCOME CIMSA FK UIN SH 2021-2022 will conduct an initial assessment to find out how new students are acquainted with academic life and medical learning media. The findings of this evaluation will be used by SCOME CIMSA FK UIN SH to hold EDUKA.

On Saturday, 11 September 2021, SCOME CIMSA FK UIN SH held an activity called EDUKA. This activity aimed to provide information related to medical books to new students in batch 2021. This event will also invite two incredible speakers, which are dr. Vianca Samara and Putri Nurbaeti, S.Ked. The event started at 08.00 with an opening speech by the Project Officer, Local Coordinator, Local Officer On Medical Education. Next, we did a pre-test for students of the class of 2021 and followed by the presentation guided by the moderator, Inaya Rania Alihaq. After that, we had a QnA session. During the session, the participants were very active and very enthusiastic.  After finishing the QnA session, we conduct a breakout room session. In this session, the participants received material related to books, websites, and journals that are important for medical students. The activity closed with a group photo with all participants.

Finally, we are very grateful for knowing that the post-test average is increased compared to the pre-test. Moreover, all of the participants also gave outstanding feedback. We hope this activity, EDUKA, will be beneficial for all participants.