CHAIN (Collaborative Health Care in Pandemic) – SCOME CIMSA UI

Collaborative Healthcare in Pandemic (CHAIN) 2021 is a project by SCOME CIMSA UI that is being held in order to celebrate Hari Kolaborasi Kesehatan Nasional. CHAIN aims to raise health cluster students’ awareness on the importance of health collaboration and how to implement it. For almost 2 years, Indonesia is still facing the Covid-19 pandemic, even handling the second wave of Covid-19 case surge back in July. In facing those challenges, interprofessional collaboration (IPC) is essential for providing the best healthcare for the patients and the community. Thus, CHAIN 2021 wants to highlight health workers’ experiences as the prime example of IPC in real world setting, while also giving knowledge about the basics of interprofessional education (IPE) and interprofessional collaboration (IPC) to Indonesia’s future health workers.

On November 1st, CHAIN released a video on CIMSA UI’s Instagram and Youtube channel titled “IPE in Health Cluster Students’ Perspective” as part of our pre-event, where we interviewed students from different faculties in Rumpun Ilmu Kesehatan UI about their opinion on interprofessional education. On November 21st, collaborating with Interprofessional Young Health Professionals’ Society (IYHPS), we held our talk show pre-event, where we invited three speakers from different professional backgrounds, consisting of dr. Rr. Pasati Lintangella, doctor representative from IYHPS; Muhammad Jauhar, S.Kep., Ners, M. Kep, nurse representative from IYHPS; and Apt. Raditya Rizky Apriansyah, S. Farm, pharmacist representative from IYHPS. The talk show was livestreamed through CIMSA UI’s Youtube channel. Moderated by dr. Ibrahim Abubakar Hilmy, an alumni of CIMSA UI, the speakers talked about their perspectives on interprofessional collaboration in the middle of pandemic.

On 28th November 2021, CHAIN held its main event in the form of webinar and mini project. In the webinar, dr. Ardi Findyartini, PhD, the head of Medical Education Unit of FKUI, shares her knowledge to the participants about the basics and the importance of IPE, while also correlating it with the pandemic situation that we face today. The webinar was followed by an insightful QnA session moderated by dr. Mahmuda Nur, an alumni of CIMSA UI. After the webinar session ends, the participants were divided into breakout rooms to discuss about their mini project. Mini project was held as a platform for students from different health cluster faculties all around Indonesia to collaborate as a practice of interprofessional education. By discussing about Covid-19 hoax, the participants were expected to have creative education campaign as their output. Their output was judged by dr. Ardi Findyartini, PhD, and dr. Chaina Hanum, MPdKed from Medical Unit Education FKUI. The winner won a prize consisting of Rp70.000 e-wallet balance and 70% discount from Medtools.daily.

By celebrating Hari Kolaborasi Kesehatan Nasional 2021, we hope that health cluster students will have an improved knowledge about the importance of interprofessional education and the benefit of IPC in providing better healthcare for Indonesia.