KLIK EKG 2021 (Electrocardiography Clinical Skills) – SCOME CIMSA UNIMAL

In improving the skills of medical students, SCOME CIMSA UNIMAL held an activity entitled KLIK-EKG: Electrocardiography Clinical Skills with SCOME Unimal.  This activity aims to improve the abilities and knowledge of medical students about electrocardiography. We previously shared information about this event personal social media accounts such as Instagram and WhatsApp because in this era many people used it as a medium to provide and obtain information.

This activity was held on December 18, 2021 in the Malikussaleh University Lecture hall which was attended by 44 participants with dr. Mawaddah Fitria, Sp. PD, FINASIM as presenter of electrocardiography (ECG) and its preventation for 180 minutes, from 09.00 AM to 12.00 PM. The agenda started from opening by MC, reading the holy quran, remarks by the KLIK-EKG Project Officer and the Local Coordinator of CIMSA Unimal. 

Then, the main event namely Seminar and Training. This session  start with material about ECG and how to setting-up ECG cables. The participants were very excited during material session because the learning atmosphere was very fun, even the speakers themselves prepared prizes for participants who wanted to answer questions posed by the presenters. During the event the committee has prepared the consumption which is distributed during the break session. In the setting-up session participants come up the examination bed to see how the ECG cable was attached to the probandus, then read the ECG paper that appears normal or not in accordance with the material that has been studied.  This event continued by a question and answer session, giving certificate to presenter and ended with a prayer. Pretest, posttest, and evaluation link also went well. 

At the last session, photo was taken with the participants, led by the committee. During this activity, the participants were very enthusiastic of the event in this activity.   We hope that through this activity, participants, especially medical students, can increase their knowledge and understanding of clinical ECG skills which will later become one of the competences for general practitioners.