WORKFORCE (Working Together to Serve Society Better) – SCOME CIMSA UNAIR

Social accountability (SA) and Interprofessional Education (IPE) are still infrequently heard among the medical workforce and even certain educational institutions are still very rarely discussing SA and IPE, even though these 2 things are very important to be implemented and known. Collaboration between the medical workforce is very important, in order to improve the best service to patients. 

In order to increase knowledge and awareness of the medical workforce and educational institutions about SA and IPE to achieve harmonious cooperation between medical workforce which will be implemented to improve services to patients. 

In this activity we carry out 3 main events, namely: 


The campaign itself consisted of distributing National Doctors’ Day greeting cards through email and Whatsapp to 123 doctors from 11 departments at FK UNAIR. The greeting cards were distributed by all members of SCOME CIMSA UNAIR. 

Debate Competition 

The debate competition was held for 2 days in a row, on 4th and 5th December 2021. The debate competition was held online via Zoom Meeting. followed by 9 teams with 3 team members each team, the debate competition was held expeditiously and adapted the Asian parliamentary model. 

Talk show 

The talk show was held by presenting 4 speakers from different health fields with the topic “Implementation of Social Accountability in Health Education Institutions”. The speakers included Siti Pariani, dr, MS, MSc, PhD (Chairman of the Indonesia UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (UIUCB)), dr. Benedict Adhi Sanjaya, MSC (Technical Program Advisor at DoctorSHARE and Public Health Observer), Prof. Dr. apt. Umi Athiyah, M.S. (Head of Education Development at the Indonesian Pharmacy Higher Education Association), and The Indonesian National Nurses Association (PPNI). The talk show is guided by a moderator who leads the conversation.

In order to improve health services, close cooperation between medical workforce is required, so with this series of events it is expected that medical workforces’ perspective can better prepare themselves and can deepen research on SA and IPE. 

This project hasn’t reached their end yet. There is a lot more that we, as medical workforce, can learn together. We have big hopes for the medical workforce to be able to sustainably use the experience from this event as a stepping stone to learn even more in our next event or in other places. There are no boundaries in learning, get to know something even more, use a lot of sources, and keep practicing.