The struggle of Indonesian doctors has been recorded in the history of Indonesian. On July 30, 1950 the Indonesian Doctors Association decided to hold a “Congress of Indonesian Citizen Doctors” under the leadership of Mr. Dr. Bahder Djohan. Then on October 24, 1950, the organization of the Indonesian Doctors Association was first inaugurated by the state. So from year to year, October 24 is celebrated as IDI’s Birthday or also known as National Doctor’s Day.

National doctor day is an important day that’s celebrated by health organizations to appreciate the service of doctors across the globe for saving an individual or even a community.

With that being said, on the 12th of November, SCOME CIMSA UPH launch a campaign to gather people and join them to celebrate National Doctor Day. Later, posters are shared on social media such as Instagram from the 22nd until the 25th of November. 

The poster that was distributed and shared on Instagram has covered a lot of information about National Doctor Day and more. Day 1 campaign is about the general meaning of “What is National Doctor Day” along with its history throughout 1911 to 1950 and What IDI is, with the statistic of how much doctors and medical facilities has spread throughout Indonesia.

Day 2 campaign is about how much has doctors contributed to the covid-19 pandemic with their information of its service and challenges. A game of finding words are also added in this day campaign, Finding words is a game where participants are searching for letters among randomized alphabets, finding words such as “Pandemi, Vaksin, Tenaga Kerja, Protokol Kesehatan, Hari Dokter National”.

Day 3 campaign are filled with information regarding the role of medical students in participating in National Doctor Day alongside 2 questions of true or false to test the participant knowledge on National Doctors Day.

Day 4 campaign is the last day of the campaign and it allows participant to express their most gratitude for the services of a doctor has accomplished in today’s society

Furthermore, on the 26th of November SCOME CIMSA UPH upload a podcast on the live streaming platform called “Spotify” and have invited special guests such as dr. Andree Kurniawan Sp. PD. and dr. Neneng Suryadinata, M. Psi.T and Angeli Maria as the moderator along side with Adam Defano as supervisor. with the topic of “Why Social Accountability and Interprofessional Education in Medical School is important” in hope the participant can understand about IPE and Social Accountability values in medical life.