MASKAPAI DOME: Implementation of SPICES in The Medical Education Curriculum

MASKAPAI DOME Podcast is a podcast series produced by the Department of Medical Education MSCIA UB with the aim of providing insights into the latest health and medical education issues. In this specific episode, we delve into the Implementation of SPICES in the Medical Education Curriculum. The Implementation of SPICES serves as a response to the evolving needs of medical education. It seeks to revolutionize the way medical education is approached by introducing a multifaceted methodology that aligns with the demands of contemporary medical practice. By emphasizing Student-Centered Learning, a Problem-Based Approach, Integration of Knowledge, Community-Oriented Learning, Electives and Enrichment, and System-Based Learning, SPICES addresses the gaps present in conventional medical education. This implementation marks a paradigm shift from passive learning to active engagement. Students are no longer passive recipients of information; instead, they become proactive participants in their own education, equipped with the skills to analyze, synthesize, and apply medical knowledge to real-world scenarios. 

SPICES prepares them to think critically, collaborate effectively, and make informed decisions within diverse healthcare settings. Crucially, the implementation of SPICES introduces a transformation from passive learning to active participation. Students are no longer limited to absorbing information; they become active participants, engaging in hands-on learning experiences. This empowerment enables them to analyze, synthesize, and apply medical knowledge in practical scenarios, nurturing skills that are essential for effective clinical practice. However, despite the significance of SPICES in the medical education curriculum, many individuals are still unfamiliar with its concept. Therefore, MASKAPAI DOME was established to bridge this gap by providing public information through a podcast titled “Implementation of SPICES in the Medical Education Curriculum.” 

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The speaker for this podcast is an expert in the field, Estivana Felaza, MPdKed from IMERI (Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute), and the moderator is an active medical student, Tiara Arista Widya Basmara, who also serves as the Chief DOME for 2022/2023. Through this podcast, we hope that listeners will gain a comprehensive understanding of what SPICES in the medical education curriculum entails, how it can be effectively implemented, and how to address the challenges associated with its adoption. As you continue to seek informative news related to healthcare, we invite you to stay engaged with our podcast for valuable insights and discussions.