On 25 August 2019, SCOME CIMSA Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana held a Medical Book Fair at room 3.3 in Biblos building. Medical Book Fair is one of SCOME Project and part of CIMSA Program, Human Resource for Health. This project aims to introduce medical books to the new students. Actually, the aim is not only to introduce but also to facilitate the students to get the book. Another aim of this project is to help the new students to adapt on the learning environment and to promote CIMSA. Medical Book Fair was held as the first and second year students agree on its importance. Based on the survey done to the first and the second year students, it was found that Medical Book Fair is very useful and it helps them to study as they can know various kinds of text book for the medical learning sources. Moreover, the new students are also eager to know and they are interested too to join the Medical Book Fair as written in the questionnaire distributed to them. They stated that knowing the kinds of textbooks is very important. 

Medical Book Fair started around 11.45 am and finished at 15.25 pm. This activity took approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes. During those hours, the new students were separated into 2 groups. Group 1 came then had pre test about their understanding related to the medical books. After the pre test, they were separated into 6 small groups then started to move into 6 stands consisting of stand anatomy (Yokochi, Sobotta, Grey anatomy, etc.), histology (Junqueira, difiore), physiology (Guyton, Sherwood, tortora), pathology (robins), and etc. There were OC or officials CIMSA UKDW or SCOME member on each stands. At the stand, they listened to the speakers. After 10 minutes, they moved to the next stand. Done visiting all stands, they gathered around again and had post test. Then, they listened to the FNMC CIMSA UKDW about the books that were being promoted. After that, Group 1 went home and group 2 came inside and the cycle started again. 

Only 70 out of 98 new students that attended Medical Book Fair. Half of them were excited and half of them looked bored. In fact, when they listened to the explanation of the books, they paid attention to the speakers. It happened because it had been around 6 days since they had their first class. Their enthusiasm was not as hyped as before. The success of this project was seen from the facts that there was 70% of new students came and there was an improvement in the post test showing that they had know more about the medical books. 

Therefore, all the rundown went well. It was in the heart of the CIMSA member and the new students. We hope CIMSA UKDW can create more projects that can give more impacts to the people around.