Information is an important need that should be fulfilled, for example, the information of health. Along with rapid development of technology in information or media sector, there are so many information that obtained unevidenced, or we call that as HOAX. Meanwhile, in information of health, evidence-based is an important thing that should be explained.

           Therefore, SCOME CIMSA FK UNPAD make a project named “SCOMEDICAL” which provide the latest information on health problems that can be trusted. This information consists of information about the disease and the research of epidemiology and its management update as well. In this project, we work together with SCORE CIMSA FK UNPAD to obtain the data which will be shared in SCOMEDICAL.

This project using Instagram to share information on health issues. This account had been activated for 3 years, and during that time, SCOMEDICAL had posted a lot of information about disease that usually occurs in society. The Instagram updates shared as feed and snapgrams.

In addition to providing information about diseases, SCOMEDICAL also provides information about research as well as the fact or myth of health issues. Sometimes, we present a statement to take a poll whether it is a fact or a myth through a snapgram, so that followers can find out their own knowledge. SCOMEDICAL has a quiz as well, that you can participate in it and get a prize if you’re lucky. It is interesting, isn’t it?

Every month, SCOMEDICAL always has a different theme of disease to be discussed. This thing is attempted in order to give a variation of information posted in SCOMEDICAL. And this October, SCOMEDICAL will raise disease issues of the cardiovascular system as the main topic.

           We hope, with the presence of SCOMEDICAL would help the community to differentiate between the valid information and the wrong one, especially in the health sector. Don’t forget to follow the SCOMEDICAL in Instagram, and stay tuned for new updates.