Hello Medical Students! Students are students in college. Medical students are students who study medicine in higher education with the aim of undergoing the profession as a doctor. Students play the role of iron stock, agent of change, social control, and moral force. That is, students are required to be able to become the next generation to lead the nation. This cannot be done if students do not know what they have to do at the tertiary level, especially new students of FK Unimal, which is a place of local CIMSA Unimal that must be prioritized in increasing their knowledge in higher education. For this reason, good preparations must be made for new students at the Malikussaleh University School of Medicine. Starting from the selection of books to be used during medical education, the introduction of medical devices that they will often use in the medical world, to how to learn well so they can survive in the world of medical education.

Therefore, SCOME CIMSA Unimal has organized activities in the form of Introduction to Learning, Book Expo, Introduction to Medical Devices, and Book Bazaar to prepare new students to face a new environment in the medical field. The purpose of this activity is to increase the knowledge and understanding of new students in getting to know the books that will be used as one of the references and medical devices that they will use in the medical world by as much as 50% for 1 year. This activity is focused on all new students of the Malikussaleh University School of Medicine, with a total of 68 participants.

This activity is carried out with a series of events namely:

 1. Introduction to the Medical Learning System, Introduction to Medical Devices, and Book Expo held on Tuesday, September 10, 2019.

2. Book Exhibition, held on Tuesday – Monday, 10-16 September 2019 at 14.30-17.30 WIB at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malikussaleh.

Collaboration with Medan City EGC Publisher and Malikussaleh University Faculty of Medicine Campus. The publication of this activity is done through social media, in the form of posters and jarkom, which are published through LINE to a group of new students and through Instagram CIMSA Unimal. To introduce this activity, the members of SCIMAL CIMSA Unimal also promoted this activity by entering each class of 2019 as well as explaining what can be obtained from this activity.

This activity is very much useful for preparing medical students in undergoing a new world in medicine. Through this activity, new students can better understand how to study at FK, they can also choose the exact reference books they need and more easily get access to buy original EGC books through CIMSA Unimal, as well as to know in advance about medical devices that are needed. they can later use it as a medical student. We, from SCOME CIMSA Unimal, will try to keep this activity going and always better going forward. Hopefully Helpful Candidates Peerease not that they are not perfect.