Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is a method to test the clinical competence of medical students in an objective and structured manner in the form of a station with a certain time. OSCE is one of the competencies tested at the Student Professional Competency Test for Doctors (UKMPPD). Therefore, medical students must master this clinical ability in practice in the medical field. 

In carrying out the fourth realm of SCOME CIMSA’s work which is to expand education and training opportunities for medical students to improve the quality of Indonesia medical resources, CIMSA FK UNPAD organized a project titled MR. OS (Master of One Shoot) to facilitate 1st year medical students of Faculty of Medicine University of Padjadjaran in preparing for the OSCE. 

First-year medical students of Faculty of Medicine University of Padjadjaran face OSCE for the first time on system, Dermato-musculo-skeletal and Hemato- immunology systems (DMS-HIS). The 7 stations chosen were based on the consideration of the 7 most difficult stations according to first-year medical students and those with a higher possibility of failing according to last year’s examination result. 

On this occasion, MR.OS collaborated with Medulab which is a tutoring institution for medical students to prepare for the UKMPPD. Medulab provided upgrading for 7 stations held for volunteer who became facilitators based on learning objectives. Two facilitators were divided into each station to demonstrate the skills to the participants divided into 14 groups. In addition to facilitators, all the organizing committees also received upgrading from Medulab. 

Each station took 30 minutes. The first 10 minutes, facilitators demonstrated the skills to the participants. In the next 20 minutes, participants were given the opportunity to practice skills independently under the supervision of the facilitators. Before ending the last station, participants were given questions to test participants’ understanding of each station that had been taught. At the end of the event, the organizing committee held an evaluation session for better upcoming SCOME activities. 

We do hope that MR. OS 4.0 could contribute to help in providing medical students to prepare themselves for the exams so that they become reliable health professionals in the future. We also hope that from this activity, we, as members of SCOME CIMSA FK UNPAD, can contribute in realizing SCOME’s vision to create a qualified and competitive Medical Human Resources in order to have the ability to face every changes in local and global scale.