PBL or Problem Based Learning is one of the methods that applied in FKIK UMY Medical Education curriculum. It’s called PBL because in learning process it uses a problem as the focus of student learning so that they are able to think critically and be able to solve problems from each block. Tutorial system is an identity of PBL learning. During the tutorial, students are guided by a tutor to discuss the cases that have been given. In each case, there is a sentence that triggers students to find out more information so that the learning process emerges. Tutorials do not run optimally if students are not active in a group, so students need to study and prepare carefully before starting the tutorial. Therefore, MECO MMSA UMY held activities that assist students in preparing for tutorials. These activities called MECO Anti Remed. This activity was held to support CIMSA PROGRAM on Human Resources for Health (Learning Facilities).

This activity is routinely held H-2 before the tutorial, starting with a discussion by MECO members regarding the upcoming tutorial scenario, after each member collects valid learning resources related to the scenario. Then, the documents were uploaded to the MECO Antiremed blog and share them to the 2018, 2019 and 2020 class groups. By helding MECO Anti Remed, we hoped that 2018, 2019 and 2020 medical students will be able to prepare tutorials well