HDN (Hari Dokter Nasional or National Doctor’s Day) is a day celebrated which is annually celebrated every year to appreciate or recognize the contributions of doctors to individual lives and communities. National Doctor’s Day is celebrated on 24 October each year. National Doctor’s Day is related to the formation of Ikatan Dokter Indonesia (IDI) or a Doctors Association in Indonesia. The IDI organization is a place or ‘home’ for doctors in Indonesia. IDI was formed on October 24, 1950.

To celebrate the National Doctor’s Day, SCOME CIMSA UNS holds an event. There are infographics and a podcast that uploaded on the day of National Doctor’s Day, which is 24 October 2020. For the infographic contains the history of medical education in Indonesia, what are the seven star doctors (care provider, decision maker, communicator, community leader, manager, researcher, IMTAQ (Faith and Taqwa)). And than to celebrate this national doctor’s day, SCOME CIMSA UNS conducted a survey on the learning curriculum at FK UNS, the result is included in the infographic. The infographic contains a description of how the curriculum in FK UNS compares with 2012 and 2017, so that readers can find out and compare which curriculum is better, whether the old or new curriculum. This infographic can be read on the Instagram of CIMSA FK UNS.

The next program is a podcast which is one of the episodes at POCI which is uploaded on YouTube and Spotify CIMSA FK. For this podcast titled How To Become A Professional Doctor. In this podcast, dr. A. Boy Timor R. M.Med.Ed became a speaker. He is also one of the alumni from CIMSA FK UNS. One of the things discussed in the podcast, such as the meaning of a professional doctor, according to dr. Boy is an abstract because it can be seen from various aspects such as being loyal to patients, paying attention to patients. Then, according to him, those who can feel a professional doctor are other people. This podcast also discusses the steps that can be taken as a student to support becoming a professional doctor, such as building relationships and being a productive student. In addition, this podcast also contains tips that you can do so that you can be motivated to continue your education to become a doctor.