Have you ever heard of the Fair Application of Criminal Law to the Professional Doctor, and is it even necessary for doctors to understand legal and ethical aspects to practice? According to the SKDI 2012 (Indonesian Doctor Competency Standards) with a 3rd point one of the competencies a doctor must have is that the doctor must be medically aware and law abiding. The medical profession is one of the professions that is at risk of a lawsuit or criminal charges if a doctor commits a medical error. According to the Head of Jakarta Medical Doctor Forum in 2018; dr. Qori Haly Sp. BP-RE “There are still a lot of doctors that are ignorant regarding the legal ethical values for doctors, and this is what leads them to get involved with a malpractice case”. “In IDI Jakarta there are hundreds of reports against doctors, but upon further investigation, not all are pure malpractice, but rather miscommunication between doctors and patients.” Because there are still many doctors and medical students who are laymen and lack knowledge of legal ethical medicine and recognize things that can cause doctors to fall into legal cases.

Therefore, SCOME CIMSA UGM held an event called “LASIK” (Let’s Know Law Aspect in Medical Work Field) with the theme “The need for doctors to understand legal and ethical aspects to practice”, aimed at encouraging the realization of medical or health practices that are guided by the provisions in health law as well as providing expertise to anticipate potential legal problems in health services.

This activity was held on Saturday, November 28 2020 at 09.00 – 12.10 WIB through Zoom Meetings and also Live through YouTube on the CIMSA UGM channel, with a focus on webinars and Forum Group Discussions.

The webinar was held with a total number of 120 participants within the age range of 17- 38 years old, welcoming dr. Abdul Latief (IDI Yogyakarta Representative) and dr. Putu Moda Arsana, Sp.PD, KEMD (Head of Indonesian Medical Council) and this event was moderated by dr. Stephen Valentino (VLI CIMSA UGM 2015/2016), LASIK successfully held a Focus Group Discussion session which was divided into several groups, where participants discussed directly about health issues related to criminal law that occurred in Indonesia. After the Focus Group Discussion session took place, there was an evaluation symposium starting with a small group presentation given by the small discussion groups and feedback was then given by dr. Abdul Latief (IDI Yogyakarta Representative).

Active participants take part in a series of LASIK activities from beginning to end, one of the active forms of participation is the courage to express opinions and discuss and ask several related questions. After the FGD session was over, it was then continued with a feedback of the case based on the perspective of dr. Abdul Latief and also dr. Stephen Valentino as moderator of LASIK. This helps further in increasing understanding of the legal aspects of medicine.