In order to celebrate National Doctor’s Day, SCOME UKDW held a SCOMEngapresiasi activity. SCOMEngapresiasi is one of SCOME Project and part of CIMSA Program, Human Resources For Health. This activity was held on 24-30 October 2020. To appreciate doctors in Indonesia, who have fought for public health, especially in the current situation where the COVID19 pandemic has occurred which has been running for about 8 months in Indonesia. All Health Workers are willing to risk their lives to overcome this pandemic. Doctors are health professionals whose task is to heal and to improve public health services also play an important role in helping to overcome this pandemic. Besides playing a role in overcoming COVID19, doctors also play a role in warding off hoaxes in the community as well as advocating for the community so that COVID19 does not spread widely. There are 161 doctors who have died due to COVID19. Therefore, an appreciation video was created containing messages to all great doctors out there.

This video was uploaded on CIMSA UKDW Instagram on October 24, 2020. Futhermore, on October 26 an appreciation video was played for UKDW doctors. Videos were shared with the 2019 batch tutorial group and video screenings were conducted after the tutorial was finished at around 14.30 WIB. Besides being played in the tutorial group, this appreciation video was also sent to 16 UKDW alumni doctors via email. This appreciation video is an initiation from the national SCOME as an option for local activities. Apart from the appreciation video, SCOME CIMSA also held a SCOME Quiz. In this SCOME Quiz raises questions about the five star doctor. Where a doctor must have the ability as a health care provider, decision maker, community leader, manager and communicator.

We are very happy to see the smile on the face of the UKDW lecturer after seeing the appreciation video and also the reply from the UKDW Medical Faculty alumni doctor who thanked for the video that was sent. May all doctors always be protected and given health in carrying out their duties, and hopefully this pandemic can end soon.


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