Cardiovascular disease or commonly known as heart disease generally refers to conditions that involve narrowing or blocking of blood vessels that can cause a heart attack (American Heart Association, 2017)

One of the non-communicable diseases that has a fairly large prevalence rate is heart and blood vessel disease or in medical terms it is called cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is still a global threat and is a disease that plays a major role as the number one cause of death worldwide. Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) states that more than 17 million people in the world die from heart and blood vessel disease (Ida Ayu Eka Widiastuti, et al, 2021).

In Indonesia, diseases of the blood circulation system (SSD) according to the ICD-10, namely heart and blood vessel disease have been ranked first as the main cause of general death in 2000 from the results of the Household Health Survey (SKRT) 2001 of 26.3% deaths. The proportion of deaths increases with age and increases significantly at the age of 35 years and over.

Therefore, examination of heart disease is very important. One of the supporting examinations to establish the diagnosis of heart disease is an ECG.

Electrocardiography (ECG) is an action to record the electrical activity of the heart from the Sinoatrial Node, causing the heart to contract so that it can be recorded through electrodes attached to the skin. ECG is also one of the competencies that must be mastered by a doctor based on the 2012 Indonesian Doctor Competency Standards (SKDI). This article participates in a discussion about the importance of public understanding of heart and blood vessel health and understanding how to prevent heart disease as early as possible by using an ECG.

In order to commemorate World Heart Day which is commemorated on September 29, 2021 SCOME PHD UWKS held a campaign and a “CORONER Workshop” on How to Read ECG properly and correctly via ZOOM by inviting dr. Husni Mubarok who is the best doctor and tutor from INGENIO, on October 01, 2021 and pediatrician dr. I Gede Sumantra, Sp, JP, a well-known Heart and Blood Vessel Specialist as a speaker on Instagram Live on October 03, 2021. The purpose of this event is quite simple, we want to educate the workshop participants on how to read the ECG properly and correctly. It is hoped that by holding this activity, the public in general can know and be aware of the dangers of heart disease and in particular medical students can learn about ECG to increase their awareness and competence.