Adapting to a new environment can make new students experience stress. It can have a detrimental impact on their learning process, academic and non-academic values, and even interfere with their goals. Of course, as a new medical student, you will be confused as to what actions to take in the future. Considering what kind of learning method should be applied, what books should be read, and what medical instruments should be acquired are some of the fundamental things that need to be known by the new medical students. Not only that, but the expense of tuition is also a consideration that must be taken into account to fully support education. One of the ways to meet the costs of education in a study is by participating in a scholarship program. With the scholarship, you can help ease the burden of expenses. From the scholarship, the motivation in learning can improve and encourage them to become outstanding students. 

SCOME CIMSA Unimal hosted an introduction to books, medical devices, learning systems, and scholarship seminars on September 12th, 2021. This program, named MENTION (Medical Education), is intended for Malikussaleh University’s Medical Faculty’s new students. Because of the pandemic, MENTION 2021 was carried out entirely online. The dissemination of information on this activity uses both the Instagram platform and WhatsApp Group of the all-new students batch 2021. MENTION is routinely carried out every year at the beginning of new student lectures. The MENTION event invited several presenters who were none other than students of the Malikussaleh University medical students, batch 2020 and 2019, including Mazaya Putri (2019) and Muthia Verza (2020) as presenters of medical books, Daffa Ananda Azhar (2019) and Muthia Verza (2020) as presenters of medical devices. Also, we invited dr. Fury Maulina as presenter of scholarship seminar. As the presenters are well-known for their knowledge of books, medical equipment, and academic excellence, with their best experience and good public speaking skills, it ensured us that the material delivered by the speaker is well-received and readily understood by the audience.

Not only to introduce books, medical devices, learning systems, and scholarship seminars at the Faculty of Medicine. Through MENTION, we also hope that students of the Unimal Faculty of Medicine could create bonds between generations through sharing sessions. The sharing session was attended by the previous batches, other SCO members, and alumni (who were undergoing co-ass). 

During the pre-MENTION activity, there were around 90 students who registered, but due to the college activity, only about 60 new students attended. CIMSA Unimal Officials also attend the MENTION event. New students were very enthusiastic throughout the material presentation and question and answer session, which showed that the new students had a strong enthusiasm for learning. Hopefully through MENTION, new students can be more enthusiastic in studying because they have prepared a lecture carefully. Welcome to the jungle and have a good study time!