According to SKDI 2019, a doctor is expected to be multi-potential and not just being a practitioner. On the other hand, based on pre-assessment activity data that we gathered by spreading questionnaires to medical students in the Faculty of Medicine of Airlangga University, 36.4% of 55 respondents didn’t know about the career prospects of medical education graduates. From the result, we get that 53,3% respondents didn’t know yet about overview of anatomy, 93,3% respondents didn’t know about anatomy practical exam both online and offline, and 40% didn’t know about what textbooks will be used as a source of material for basic medical science. 

That result shows us that many of them didn’t have enough knowledge about anatomy, practical exam system, and book source. Whereas, anatomy is an important basic knowledge for a doctor to be able to diagnose a disease, but learning about anatomy is often difficult for Indonesian medical students. This problem is also felt by medical students in Germany. According to Mesut and Baris in their publication regarding the importance of textbooks (2017), they said that textbook as the main learning resource in the medical faculty is very important because the advantages of the textbook itself, such as, textbooks are always updated and are often used as a theoretical basis in carrying out other learning activities both in the clinical and preclinical phases. 

Therefore, SCOME CIMSA UNAIR held a series of events, namely CORONER: Consultation about Doctor’s Career Prospect and Book Fair 2021 which is aimed to to provide new insights for medical students about doctor’s career prospect, facilitate the 1st semester students in anatomi tutorial, practical exam simulation, and textbook for learning sources. 

CORONER is held on February 5th-12th. On February 5th, there are talk show about doctors’ career prospects and an anatomy tutorial about inferior extremity. On the talk show, we present Prof. Viskasari P. Kalanjati, dr., M. Kes., PA(K)., Ph.D., dr. Alvin Saputra, and dr. Natanael Untario, M.Biomed, as speakers and for anatomy tutorial we invited one of the delegation for Anatomy Olympiad AMYGDALA, Nasywa Azzahara, as the tutor. On February 10th, an anatomy practical exam simulation was held. This simulation is held offline and took place in theHistology Practical Room of FK UNAIR. On February 5th-12th, we held a virtual book fair that can be accessed through ARTSTEP as the platform. We hope this event can give useful knowledge and insight for all the medical students that participate in this event.