ECLIPSE (Electrocardiography Learning Preparation with SCOME) – SCOME CIMSA-BEM KM FK UNAND

Based on Riskesdas 2018, the incidence of heart and blood vessel disease is increasing from year to year. At least 15 out of 1,000 people or currently there are 4.2 million people suffer from cardiovascular disease, and 2,784,064 of them suffer from heart disease. This fact shows how often the incidence of heart disease occur. Most of heart diseases are diagnosed from the interpretation of the ECG results. Therefore, as a doctor, we required to have the skills to interpretation the results of ECG.

On December 4th, 2021, SCOME CIMSA-BEM KM FK Unand held an open class called ECLIPSE. This activity provides lesson about interpretation of electrocardiography. The lesson given by dr. Dede Rahman Agustian, M.Biomed. The participants are diverse, ranging from pre-clinical students, clinical students, to doctors.

In ECLIPSE we learned about the basics of ecg and how to interpretatiton ecg’s result. To interpretation the ecg there are 10 things that must be considered, there are : calibration, rhythm, rate, axis, P wave morphology, PR interval, QRS duration, QRS complex morphology, ST segment, and QT interval. Afterwards, paartcipants are given some pictures of normal and abnormal EKG to train participants.

ECLIPSE  has a goal to improve the clinical skills of ECG interpretation for medical students and doctors. In addition, ECLIPSE also purpose to provide facilities for medical students to prepare themselves to become competent doctors.