HDN (Hari Dokter Nasional) -SCOME CIMSA FK UIN SH

HDN (Hari Dokter Nasional) is a day to celebrate and commemorate all doctors in Indonesia for their dedication and hardwork to improving nations’ health. But as today, doctors are dedicating and work harder then usual because of the circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its impact on doctors all around the world. Many of them were impacted in someways from increasing workloads, difficult decisions, and risking their lives working on the front rows of the pandemic that has taken a lot of lives, even their own colleagues. Also on this year as a part of Hari Dokter Nasional 2021, SCOME CIMSA held a campaign about Social Accountability in Medical School. It is a concept made by the World Health Organization (WHO) that medical schools should be accountable to the communities health problems and try to solve them. Because of this, SCOME CIMSA FK UIN SH held a series of events to celebrate and commemorate doctors and also raise awareness about the importans of Social Accountability in Medical School

​On Thursday 28th October 2021, SCOME CIMSA FK UIN SH held a series of campaign and celebrations for HDN 2021. First, we made a video also grattitude card and gave it to our lecturers as a token of grattitude for all of their hardwork and dedication especially during the pandemic. We also made quiz called trivia on instagram about HDN. Secondly, we posted an infographic on instagram all about Social Accountability in Medical Schools from its meaning to how can it impact our healthcare services. There was also a podcast on spotify about Social Accountability in Medical School with Dr. Endah Wulandari, S. Si. M. Biomed as Vice Dean for Student, Alumni, and Partnership Affairs Faculty of Medicine UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta as the speaker and Dharma Yusuf Syahputra which is Local Officer on Medical Education SCOME CIMSA FK UIN SH 2021-2022 as a moderator discussing the meaning and why is Social Accountability important in Medical Schools.

​Hopefully, this event will be usefull and beneficial to all the people that listen and participate in the campaign about Social Accountability in Medical Schools and the celebration about HDN. We hope that this event could bring a positive impact to our health workers and medical school especially during this tough times.