This year, CIMSA UGM held MEDEBATE 2022, which is an English debate competition conductedheld by SCOPE and SCOME, with the theme of BPJS, bioethics, and universal health coverage on 21-23 January 21-23, 2022 through Zoom Meeting.

Before the event began, we held a technical meeting for all debaters on January 20, 2022. The technical meeting consisted of an explanation regarding the rundown and competition rules from the organizing committee and core adjudicators.

On January 21, we have prepared a welcoming party and grand lecture, which is held in a form of talk show. The welcoming party agenda consisted of a virtual faculty tour of FK-KMK UGM made by the organizing committee and a replay of MEDEBATE 2020 after-movie for all MEDEBATE participants. We, then, held a short break and the event is continued with the grand lecture. The grand lecture is a talk show that discussed the challenges of bioethics and universal health coverage during the pandemic. We have also invited dr. Putu Moda Arsana, Sp. PD KEMD, as the chairperson of KKI, and Hanke Sören Becker, a medical student from Germany, to become speakers at our talk show to give insights about the impact of the pandemic towards bioethics and universal health coverage issues from their respective countries.

On January 22, 2022, we started the debate competition with three preliminary rounds. Each debate preliminary round has different motions according to the theme prepared by the core adjudicators, which are Matthew Gultom and Hagata Aersada Ginting. The preliminary round was held in breakout rooms in the Zoom Meeting for a day and is concluded with the breaking announcement at the end of the day. The breaking announcement consists of the top four teams that will be competing in the semi-final.

On January 23, 2022, we held the semi-final round and the grand final of MEDEBATE. The grand final round of MEDEBATE was also live-streamed through CIMSA UGM’s Youtube account. After the grand final, we held a short break and closed the event with a farewell party, which was consisted of a secret letter session and a performance by CELLUBE FK-IK Atma Jaya. After the farewell party, we also announced the winners of the debate competition to officially conclude the event.

Through this event, we hope that all MEDEBATE participants are able to improve their public speaking skills and raise awareness towards bioethics and universal health coverage issues.