BASILISK (Basic Life Support Knowledge) – SCOME CIMSA-BEM KM FK UNAND

On September 28th, 2022, SCOME CIMSA-BEM KM FK Unand held the 1st intervention of BASILISK 2022 including training and simulation. The training with title “Bantuan Hidup Dasar Awam” given by the expert from IDI (Ikatan Dokter Indonesia) Sumatera Barat, dr. Kino,SpJP(K), FIHA for SCOME CIMSA-BEM KM FK Unand members and cadres of BASILISK. This training will be useful when finding life-threatening emergency cases, especially sudden cardiac death and choking. After the training, cadres are given fracture and wound management simulation by SCOME CIMSA-BEM KM FK Unand.

On October 1st, 2022, SCOME CIMSA-BEM KM FK Unand held the 2nd intervention of Basilisk. This agenda includes the practical examination intended to examine all of the  BASILISK’s cadres. The practical exam will be examined by HET BEM KM FK Unand as a life-saving organization that is associated with Perhimpunan Tim Bantuan Medis Mahasiswa Kedokteran Indonesia. The exam was made into several scenarios that will test  not just the cadres knowledge but also their skills. The examination includes cardiopulmonary resuscitation, fracture, and wound management materials. The objective of this intervention is to evaluate the cadres about those materials that has been given on pre-intervention and 1st intervention.