As the new semester is coming up, freshmen are also embarking on their new journey in
medical school, considering how different college to senior high school life is. Many of them
are restless because of the difference in learning methods from senior high to medical

Unlike senior high schools, medical schools have different education systems. In senior high,
the teacher-centered method is the most common method used, while in university, the most
common method used is the student-centered method. Unfortunately, students were
sometimes hesitant to ask questions during large courses or lectures, which left them blank
and unable to grasp the content.

To solve this problem, SCOME collaborating with HRD Team CIMSA UPH created an event
called EXO (Educational Academic Guidance for Learning Enrichment x OSCE Training).
EXO is a small study group session that reviews the current block with senior members of
CIMSA UPH as a tutor to support the learning process of freshmen who are still in an
adjustment period from senior high medical school. The tutor was picked from the finest 2 nd
year medical school and has been equipped with training about teaching, learning,
confidence, public speaking, and presentation skills to enhance the study experience. 

In EXO, new students get the chance to discuss the first blocks in FK UPH which are critical
thinking, bioethics, biochemistry, and First Aid. Unlike the usual classes, EXO provides a
more relaxed environment where students can freely discuss questions with their seniors
and peers, which increases their motivation to study. Besides that, freshmen can also create
new friends with senior members of CIMSA UPH and their other peers. 

New students are provided with a module containing a summary of all CTB blocks and First
Aid. This module guides the students and tutors during small group sessions. Furthermore, a
complete explanation and demonstration for first aid was given by dr. Lilia Angela who’s a
alumna and a doctor in UPH. Later, freshman need show how to deal with situations with
First Aid knowledge so that there’s any mistake, their tutor can guide and correct them.
Lastly, other additional lessons for biochemistry and CTB were given online with full
presentations for their upcoming test.

All in all, we hope that this activity could help new students during their transition period from
high school to university, create new connections between seniors and juniors, as well as
increase the peer educator’s ability of senior members of CIMSA UPH.