LEAP : LPDP Exhibition and Sharing Project 2018 by Universitas Padjajaran

On sunday ,may 6th 2018 SCOME CIMSA Unpad have organize our first event,
which is LEAP : LPDP Exhibition and Sharing Project. This event was held in
Eijkman Auditorium, 6th floor. LEAP is created because LPDP being one of the
most sought after scholarship in Indonesia. The goal of this event is to give
information regarding LPDP to the audience. This event is divided to three
session, which is seminar, panel discussion and workshop. We also invited LPDP
awardees to be our trainer and speakers
On the first session or seminar, dr. Iswandy Janetputra Turu’Allo, as our first
speaker to give a quick seminar about summary of LPDP and important
information about LPDP this year. The speaker explained the most important thing
in conducting the LPDP test, thenn what LPDP needed, and goverment’s reason to
hold an LPDP scholarship every year. In addition, the speaker also provides
motivation to keep spirit and patient in achieving what i want. The audience are
so enthusiastic with the event and there are a lot of questions from them.
So we continued to our second session which is panel discussion. In this session, dr
Iswandy Janetputra, Dr. Priza Mahendraputra ST, MURP, IAP and dr.Annisa Noer
Dewi each shared their experience being a LPDP Awardee. All three of them had
various experience in LPDP due to differences in the LPDP program which they
join. In the discussion panel, the speakers explained specific what to look when
taking scholarship S2, S3, dan spesialist. Then about the facilities and needs of
each LPDP scholarship for S2, S3 and specialist.
The last session, which is a workshop training on how to write good essay for
application needs were held by dr. Iswandy Janetputra and Dr. Priza
Mahendraputra ST, MURP, IAP. We emphasize training on essay writing because it
is one of the most important factors to determine for a participant to get accepted
by LPDP. Every single audience are required to write at least one essay describing
them, their family, and their life summary, including achievements and abilities.
The event is ended by photo session consist of the speakers, audience and
organizing committee. We hope that this event will make a great impact for the
audience be able to get accepted to LPDP scholarship. And then, we hope from
this project can be improved science and ability in skill as needed to get LPDP
scholarship. Hopefully from participant who participated in this project can get
LPDP scholarship in this year.