SUP AYAM (Support to Get an A for Your Exam) SCOME CIMSA FK UNS To improve knowledge of the freshmen FK UNS medical students who are still not familiar in participating UB (Ujian Blok or Block Examination) which is one of the important test element in FK UNS that can affect index cumulative score on each semester, this activity was held in order to give the newcomer of FK UNS 2020 an introduction of UB implementation and give them some exercise to prepare the real test.The first semester Block Examination or Ujian Blok material itself is Biology Cell and Hematology, Musculoskeletal and Integumentary, Gastrointestinal. We hope, by participating in this project, new students could increase their knowledge and had an effective preparation for UB.

SUP AYAM (Support to Get A for Your Exam) is one of the projects organized by SCOME. In this project SCOME collaborated with Ingenio and AMSA FK UNS. This event was held with the aim of helping new students in the exams that are usually held in each block. SUP AYAM 2020 focused on Block 1.2 Musculoskeletal and Integument due to the large number of students who had to do the remediation in the previous year. Regarding from KBK’s data for 1st semester remediation in 2019 there were 56 people for UB 1.2 Musculoskeletal and Integument it’s about 25% of the total students of 2019.

SUP AYAM 2020 had two series of event held on Friday, November 13rd 2020 and Sunday, November 15th, 2020. The first event which was held Friday, November 13rd 2020 consisted of the pretest, posttest, and the peak that new students are definitely looking forward to is the provision of the materials done by Ingenio. The materials given at this event included anatomy and physiology. After giving the material, there was an increase in the posttest results compared to the given pretest. Obtained an average percentage increase from 62.7 for the pretest score to 75.14 for the posttest score. This indicated that the purpose of this event is successfully reaches because it can increase the understanding of new students. The second event which was held on Sunday, November 15th, 2020, conducted a tryout and awarding to the freshmen of FK UNS. During the try out, new students were given 60 questions containing materials on Block 1.2 Musculoskeletal and Integument which had to be done only for 1 hour straight.Documentar