Interpersonal Medical Collaboration (INTERMEDION) is an event organized by DOME MSCIA UB in commemoration of National Health Collaboration Day (HKKN) and aims to increase Interprofessional Education (IPE) knowledge of medical students of Universitas Brawijaya. Data shows that plenty of medical students of Universitas Brawijaya had not known the importance of understanding health collaboration in order to maximize the quality of health services. Of the 150 respondents consisting of 125 questionnaires and 25 interviews, many of them did not know about health and IPE collaboration. There are still few events that provide education about IPE also a big boost for innovation. Therefore, INTERMEDION is here to support efforts to organize a more optimal IPE in FK UB. INTERMEDION was held on November 1, 2020.

Interprofessional Education (IPE) is a new discussion in the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya. The application of IPE in FK UB itself is still in the process of being integrated into five study programs. Of course, students must prepare themselves before IPE is optimally implemented in the medical faculty. Awareness of the importance of IPE in the learning process at the medical faculty and IPC in working in health facilities is the main objective of holding INTERMEDION. Besides enlivening the National Health Collaboration Day, this event is also a moment of real contribution for students in preparing for the implementation of IPE in FK UB. This common goal certainly does not run alone because there are external collaborations that also make this event successful, such as the Head of BEM FK UB, ORMAGIKA, ARMABI, and HIMKAJAYA.

INTERMEDION 2020 is held online via Zoom meeting. The first agenda was opened with a presentation on the importance of IPE for health workers and the development of IPE in FK UB by dr. Dicky Faizal Irnandi, Sp.And as the Head of the IPE Development Team in FK UB. Then a debate competition was held with material about IPE and several motions that were prepared. The motion raised is a summary of issues related to IPE that need to be proven scientifically, a logical thinking process, and the perspective of medical students themselves as health workers later. Each group consists of 5 different FK study program students. Through this debate competition, it is hoped that participants can train togetherness and teamwork and increase participants’ knowledge about the importance of implementing IPE for health workers. This activity received a good response from the FK UB curriculum development team through advocacy which was conveyed in a joint forum. Students were also enthusiastic about welcoming this event as evidenced by the educational material which was attended by 56 students and 20 participants in the IPE debate consisting of various health study programs. The benefits obtained by the participants were not only on IPE knowledge. However, it also increases interaction and understanding between Health Study Programs, trains communication skills, adds experience in competitions, and improves collaboration skills. The little we do today, hopefully it will have a big impact on a more collaborative health team in the future