(Breaking The Silence)

BTS is a collaboration project between SCORP and SCOME CIMSA FK Unsyiah that organized by members of CIMSA FK Unsyiah and have 3 main objectives, to improve medical student knowledge and understanding of sign language, to improve medical student ability in history taking of deaf person, and to improve deaf people knowledge about their right in the field of medical and Indonesian law. BTS  is a channel for members of CIMSA FK Unsyiah and society, to actively learn and improve our knowledge about deaf people and their rights.

BTS or Breaking The Silence was held on Saturday, 5th September 2020 from 4.00 pm until 6.00 pm and was held via ZOOM Meeting. BTS has 2 main activities, talk show and training. The speaker of the talk show was Dr. dr. Indra Zachreini, Sp.THT-KL(K), FISCM, lecturer in medical faculty of Malikussaleh University, and Khairani Arifin, S.H., M.Hum, lecturer in law faculty of Syiah Kuala University, shared many things about Deaf rights in the field of health and Indonesian law, as well as the reality today. The training brought to us by DPD GERKATIN Aceh and share about how to do bahasa isyarat Indonesia (BISINDO) and how to do and understand history taking in BISINDO. The event opened by introducing our speaker to the participant by the MC and closed by the appreciation to our speaker and trainer.

We set a minimum target of this event participant is 50 participants. After the talk show, we did a pretest to measure participant knowledge about BISINDO. Then proceed to the training of BISINDO. It was fun and most of the participant was very enthusiastic to follow the instruction of the trainer. As the training was done, we did a role-play history taking with deaf people by the participant and DPD GERKATIN Aceh. Because of the short amount of time, unfortunately, we just did role play for 1 participant and made the posttest as the homework for them.

As the BTS end, we hope the participant that join this event can increase their care about deaf people in our society. And for the future doctor, we hope they can communicate and do history taking with a deaf patient. Hopefully, the information provided in this event can be useful and thank you to all who have contributed for this event.