HERO: National Doctor’s Day Celebration – SCOME CIMSA UI

HERO is a project by SCOME CIMSA UI meant to celebrate Indonesian National Doctors’ Day on the 24th October 2021. HERO aims to improve the awareness of medical students regarding National Doctors’ Day, show our appreciation to doctors, and deepen the understanding of medical students regarding a new curriculum of SCOME Indonesia, Social Accountability in Medical School.

As future doctors, National Doctors’ Day is an important event to show medical students’ gratitudes to the seniors who have been dedicating their time, knowledge, and effort to serve the people, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, in spite of high workload and fluctuating COVID-19 situation in Indonesia, doctors all over the nation hardly receive any appreciation be it in material/non-material form.

Preliminary assessment conducted by HERO involving 111 medical students from the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FMUI) shows that the majority of respondents consider the celebration of National Doctors’ Day very important and are willing to participate in giving appreciation to the doctors.

In response to that, HERO thus set ourselves to celebrate National Doctor’s Day and show our appreciation to doctors in several different methods over the course of October 2021. Throughout the second week of October, we focused on introducing and deepening medical student’s knowledge of Social Accountability in Medical School by publishing infographics supervised by dr. Ardi Findyartini, PhD of MedEc IMERI.

Next, throughout the third week of October, we held interviews with Dr. dr. Erlina Burhan, M.Sc, Sp.P(K). on her experiences while educating the masses on COVID-19 and Nutrisi Garda Terdepan, an independent NGO established by medical students of FMUI, on the importance of donating to hospitals and COVID-19 response organizations.

Last, throughout the fourth week of October, we published a video to commemorate National Doctor’s Day 2021 featuring representatives of CIMSA Indonesia and student organizations of FMUI. We also successfully distributed over 400 units of vitamin drink, namely Oronamin C, to Rumah Sakit Universitas Indonesia (RSUI) and employees of FMUI. We also distributed over 160 virtual thank you cards to the alumni of CIMSA UI and created a National Doctors’ Day booklet dedicated to our alumni and doctors all over Indonesia.

By celebrating National Doctors’ Day 2021, we hope to be able to cheer for the heroes who have dedicated their lives for others. We also hope to further motivate medical students throughout their long studies in order to become future heroes.