NERD (I need, I learn, I dig up!) 2021 – SCOME CIMSA UKDW

In the process of adapting in lectures, students are taught to get used to finding and processing information from reading references to working on lecture assignments and reports. Therefore, we from SCOME CIMSA UKDW created an event called NERD 2021 in the form of a discussion room by inviting doctors as speakers to bring citation topics, paraphrases, footnotes, and bibliography. This event is divided into 2 Interventions with different times. Intervention 1 was held on Friday, October 15th 2021 and Intervention 2 was held on Saturday, November 13th 2021. The purpose of the NERD 2021 event was to help students get used to working on reports using clear sources and processing the information using correct quoting techniques according to the rules used by the university.

The program in Intervention 1 was filled with material explanations about the above topics by dr. Saverina Nungky Dian Hapsari, MHPE within 40 minutes. The material also contains examples of each topic and a little explanation about plagiarism. The contents of the material were first prepared by the committee and validated by the speaker. The material presentation session began with a pretest and after that a posttest was carried out. The speaker also opened a question-and-answer session to the participants so that participants remain actively participating. The participants then are divided into 4 breakout rooms, in each breakout room there is a facilitator whose job is to explain examples/ practices of using citations, paraphrasing, footnotes, and bibliography from several valid sources. After explaining their use, each facilitator in each breakout room explained the essay task that the participants would do and collected and discussed in the following month, namely Intervention 2.

Prior to the Intervention 2 agenda, each group submitted an essay assignment to each facilitator. In the intervention 2, participants was divided into their respective breakout rooms, then the facilitator and participants discussed the tasks the group had done in each room accompanied by questions and answers if there was a not clear explanation. Next, participants returned to the main room and were given a link to fill out a quiz to recall the material in Intervention 1.

This event went very well and received a positive response from the participants. Hopefully the project that we have carried out can be useful for new students of FK UKDW 2021 to be able to practice citations, paraphrases, footnotes, and bibliography in lectures.