Perahu Kertas (Perayaan Hari Dokter Nasional dan Hari Kolaborasi Kesehatan  Nasional) – SCOME CIMSA FK USK

In commemoration of National Doctor’s Day and National Health Collaboration  Day 2021, the Center for Indonesian Medical Student’s Activities (CIMSA) Faculty  of Medicine, Syiah Kuala University (FK USK) held a Perahu Kertas activity:  Celebration of National Doctor’s Day and National Health Collaboration Day  consisting of pre-project training filled by Bayu Prasetya Alfandy as Trainer with  the topic “Interprofessional Education and Interprofessional Collaboration” and  Minhatus Sa’adah as Trainer with the case “Social Accountability in Medical  Schools”.  

Perahu Kertas 2022 event with the topic of “Social Accountability in Medical  Schools and Interprofessional Education and Interprofessional Collaboration to  Improve the Quality of Healthcare” was held on January 15th, 2022, in the form of  talk shows, webinars, and FGD (Focus Group Discussion) with the theme “National  Doctors Day and National Health Collaboration Day”. Perahu Kertas has been held  with two main agendas, talk shows and webinars, and a bonus time FGD (Focus  Group Discussion) for the participant to brainstorm the study cases.  

The talk show focused on social accountability in medical Schools by dr. Mariatul  Fadilah, MARS, Sp. KKLP, Ph.D. from the Education Division of the Indonesian  Medical Council (KKI) and dr. Amanda Boy Timor Randita, M.Med.Ed as Representative of the Indonesian Young Health Professional’s Society (IYHPS).  Next, the webinar and FGD (Focus Group Discussion) are lifted with a topic about  the implementation of interprofessional education and interprofessional  collaboration to improve healthcare quality. Dr. dr. Dedy Syahrizal, M.Kes  presented the webinar as the Head of the Center for Collaborative Health Science  Research (PRKIK).  

Muhammad Isbandi Wijaya led this activity as the Master of Ceremony, and Teuku  Fasya Maulana hosted the talk show as the moderator. The plan started at 09.00  WIB and was attended by 62 participants. At the talk show, the speakers discussed  social accountability in health, from the principles, concepts, fundamental values  to the implementation.  

At the webinar, the presenters discussed the implementation of Interprofessional  Education and Interprofessional Collaboration to improve the quality of health  services ranging from IPE, IPC, roles and responsibilities of health workers,  teamwork to interprofessional communication. In the Focus Group Discussion, the  facilitators help and facilitate discussion participants to solve problems and  implement the principles of Interprofessional Education and Interprofessional  Collaboration in these problems. 

The main objective of Perahu Kertas is to increase the knowledge of medical  students and the public towards social accountability in the medical field. With the  implementation of Perahu Kertas 2022, SCOME CIMSA FK USK hopes that medical  students understand more in interacting, communicating, and providing excellent  and equitable health services to improve public welfare and health. We also hope  to increase public awareness about the importance of interprofessional education  and collaboration among the community health service providers to improve a  comprehensive and equitable health care system.