EDUKA (Pengenalan Kehidupan Akademik di Kedokteran) – SCOME CIMSA UIN SH

As a new student, the transition from high school students to a medical student is not an easy thing. One of the highlights is the learning mechanism in faculty that is far different from high school. This causes some students who are not accustomed to this system so that it requires time to adapt to deal with this change. In addition, many new learning media and is only used in the medical faculty so that many new students have never known it and do not know how to access it.

Therefore, this year SCOME CIMSA FK UIN SH 2022-2023 will conduct an Initial Assessment to find out how new students know about academic life and learning media in medicine. The results of this assessment will be used as the basis for SCOME CIMSA FK UIN SH to hold EDUKA.

On Saturday 9-10 September 2022 SCOME CIMSA FK UIN SH in collaboration with the Department of Kasprof DEMA FK UIN Jakarta held an activity called EDUKA. This activity is to provide information related to pre-clinical year learning references and academic daily learning mechanism in faculty of medicine UIN Jakarta to new students batch 2022. This event also held a Talk Show session with our seniors, they are Sefina Munqiza Kamil, S.Ked and Silmi Hidayah, S. Ked. 

On the first day, the event started with presentation of pre-clinical year learning references in Book Fair session. The participants will be divided into several small groups. Each group will move according to the classroom that has been prepared to share learning media using PowerPoint presentations by members of SCOME CIMSA FK UIN SH and Department of Kasprof DEMA FK UIN Jakarta. In each room, medical books are also provided according to the material presented so that students can see the books directly. We are also provided 1 games room so that students are more entertained and enjoy during the event.

On the second day, the event was continued with an Academic Training session. Participants will be explained about the daily learning mechanism in faculty of medicine UIN Jakarta. Explanations will be delivered through PowerPoint presentations and live demonstrations. Next was the Talk Show session which discussed “Daily Life as a Medical Student: How can I survive?” by inviting our seniors, they are Sefina Munqiza Kamil, S.Ked and Silmi Hidayah, S.Ked as speakers. The event closed with awards to the best participants and also a group photo with all students.

Finally, we are very grateful to know that the average post-test score given at the beginning of the event has increased. In addition, all participants also gave excellent feedback. We hope that this EDUKA activity can be useful for all participants.