Medical Book Fair 2022 – SCOME CIMSA UKDW

Medical Book Fair (MBF) is an event where first year students will be introduced to medical books that they will use in the first few years of college. This event also shows the differences between each of these books. As students enter medical school, they will need a lot of information and answers from validated sources. Many first year students do not know which books they should buy according to their learning styles and abilities. The purpose of the Medical Book Fair’s activities are to help new students of FK UKDW 2022 to get to know medical books so that they can buy the books without hesitation. Medical Book Fair is one of the
SCOME ( Standing Committee of Medical Education ) Project and part of the CIMSA UKDW Program with a focus on Human Resources for Health in facilitating learning.

Medical Book Fair is held online via Zoom on Saturday, September 3, 2022, from 9.00 AM to 11.55 AM. Participants gather in the main room to hear words of welcome, the committee’s remarks, and do a pretest. The presentation of the material is carried out through 4 breakout rooms. Each room has one speaker and participants listen to recommendations for books on Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Histology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Dictionaries, and Microbiology. These courses are in the first year of pre-clinic. After the session with speakers, participants gather back into the main room to do a posttest and listen to promotions by EGC publishers who are external partners in this Medical Book Fair event. And in this event participants also get a special discount from EGC publishers, and this made the Medical Book Fair event more engaging.

This event received great responses from new students. The results can be measured by the number of new students who asked the speaker about medical books and the increase in the posttest average score of 28,72% ,which means that participants can understand the differences between medical books and recommendations from the speaker’s presentation. We hope that this activity can be useful for new FK UKDW 2022 students to support their education by providing recommendations for medical textbooks.