UNITED (Understanding Digital Healthcare to Prevent Self Diagnose) – SCOME CIMSA UNS

UNITED (Understanding Digital Health Care to Prevent Self Diagnose) is an activity that was held to increase knowledge and awareness about mental health and digital healthcare. This year, UNITED raised the topic “Digital Health Care and Mental Health”. Based on the pre-assessment form of 21 respondents, it was found that 19% of respondents indicated that they had never conducted mental health consultations. 81% of respondents showed that there are respondents who experience mental health disorders. In addition, 76.2% of respondents have never had a health consultation through applications. Therefore, UNITED 2022 was intended to provide behavioural direction so participants can pay more attention to their mental health as well as their surroundings and be more courageous in conducting mental health consultations with experts. This project has one-day Pre-Activity Training delivered by Hanif Ahmad Aulia as Public Health leader and Habibatus Tsaqifah as Trainer Region 6. UNITED engaged the participants in pre-activity training to know more about “How to educate people with Social Media Actions and Mental Health Issues” as the topic. The goal of this pre-activity training is to increase the public’s knowledge and awareness about mental health and how to avoid mental health self-diagnose.

As the main event of UNITED, a talk show and public poster presentation were held on 4th September 2022. The talk show was delivered by Zahrah Nabila Putri from Pijar Psikologi and Christa Edo Nugroho that was moderated by Gede Abhirama as LOCO UNS 2022/2023. The next event was a public poster presentation. It was performed by 3 pairs of the selected finalists. 2 judges were capable to give some evaluation, they are dr. Eric Sp.KJ and dr. Siti Wahyuni. The public poster competition was won by the 2nd team, Arrayan Fatihah and Izzy Vicra. This activity was impactful and succeeded in educating about health care and self-diagnose to the public. This statement is proven by an increase in the knowledge of the participants by 20,32% in the distribution from the pretest and post-test. The last event was the Instagram story challenge which was joined by all UNITED participants. The enthusiasm and joy from the participants made us even more excited to hold similar activities in the future.